Ingress Community Activities in Japan

Ingress x Art

Agent Rikka6 is an artist that creates various characters and artwork and swags for the Japanese Ingress community.

Ingress x Post Office

Agent sinXsan works for post office in Japan, and spearheads various projects connecting post office and Ingress.

Ingress x Storyline

As many of you may know, Ingress has a storyline- the lore. There are many agents worldwide that decodes, interprets and conveys the storyline to a wider Ingress audience, and in Japan, Project Lycaeum team started their investigation in 2016, and has written around 9000 articles ever since (!)

Ingress x News

Agent Kitokito has been running his website ever since 2017, writing over 1000 articles about Ingress.

Ingress x Journalism

Agent Fukatsuan is a journalist, and he has written more than 200 press articles about Ingress.

Ingress x Community

Ingress First Saturday

Ingress x Music

Agent Skywalkar has hosted the Ingress radio program called INGRESS SPECIAL:HACK WITH SORAXNIWA since 2015 for many years, also has released various songs related to Ingress.

Ingress x Video

Agent J0c and Agent Unitarocom has been running the live stream program called INGRESS AGENT CHANNEL in NAKANO ever since 2016, has run 41 programs about Ingress, inviting agents from all around Japan, introducing various events such as First Saturday and Mission Days.



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